Definition of replacer in English:



See replace

‘That milk replacer may very well contain cattle blood plasma, even though, in laboratory tests, mad cow-type diseases can be spread through blood plasma.’
  • ‘Depending on the quota situation, calves should be fed whole milk or milk replacer for the first 8 weeks of life, or until they consume at least 1kg of a high quality starter creep feed.’
  • ‘Its ‘Veggie’ brand encompasses veggie shreds (which melt well and taste pretty good too), cream cheese, feta crumbles, mozzarella for baking in pasta dishes, string cheese and Parmesan replacers.’
  • ‘In lieu of fat substitutes or fat replacers, manufacturers now are trying to use less milk fat while using a ‘more functional’ milk protein to improve texture, mouthfeel and smoothness.’
  • ‘Beta lactoglobulin exhibits excellent gelling properties in baking applications and can function as an egg white replacer.’