Definition of replay value in English:

replay value


  • (especially with reference to a video game) the quality or fact of being suitable for or worth playing more than once.

    ‘the visuals and sound effects were great but that doesn't make up for the lack of replay value’
    • ‘multiple levels of difficulty make the replay value high and educational value great’
    • ‘the album's replay value is average, at best’
    • ‘The game promises a mission generator for more replay value.’
    • ‘I am unsure how much replay value a standard documentary like this might have, outside of the classroom.’
    • ‘To add replay value, the dungeons are generated randomly, making for a different experience each time through.’
    • ‘We're concentrating on producing a satisfying single-player game that is fun to play, with a lot of replay value.’
    • ‘It's a great CD that will get plenty of replay value at my house.’