Definition of replayability in English:



  • (especially with reference to a video game) the quality or fact of being suitable for or worth playing more than once.

    ‘the new features give this game more replayability than all the single-player games collecting dust on my shelf’
    • ‘despite this album's brevity, its well-crafted melodies offer long-term replayability’
    • ‘The team is incredibly passionate about creating an exceptional game in every respect—from realism to replayability, from graphics to game play.’
    • ‘Thanks to the above-mentioned peculiarities, I'm sure the game will have a high degree of replayability.’
    • ‘The impetus behind much of the game design was replayability.’
    • ‘Some said its 30-day time system resulted in short game play with little replayability.’
    • ‘Overall, the replayability of this DVD seems relatively low.’



/rēˌplāəˈbilədē/ /riˌpleɪəˈbɪlədi/