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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Fill (something) up again.

    ‘he replenished Justin's glass with mineral water’
    • ‘The fact is that, in a year of frequent and adequate rainfalls, there was not always the volume to fill or replenish dams and underground resources.’
    • ‘‘Europe is a difficult market, and we are totally aware of that,’ Cho said, after returning from a June trip to Burgundy to replenish his wine collection.’
    • ‘Recharge is the amount of water from precipitation that replenishes groundwater in storage.’
    • ‘Instead of spending money on replenishing the dilapidated library, the university is investing in lame television advertisements.’
    • ‘She ushered guests into the studio, replenished the coffee maker, and unfailingly turned up bright and early for the 7am kick off.’
    • ‘The school library was replenished every couple of years when boxes of second-hand books collected by students in Ireland arrived.’
    • ‘As a section's inventory ran low, library volunteers carted out cases of books from the front of the warehouse to replenish it.’
    • ‘Ridge releases money, we can start replenishing equipment and give our people some time off.’
    • ‘For those who haven't started irrigating yet, however, replenishing the soil profile may be difficult, depending on soil moisture status and how they managed late irrigations last fall.’
    • ‘A single worker at the secondary packaging station visually inspects the bottles, replenishes materials as needed and manually palletizes product bundles.’
    • ‘This replenishes the water table while it filters and reduces toxins that otherwise would be picked up from impervious surfaces and concentrated in stormwater runoff.’
    • ‘As water migrates to the soil surface, it replenishes soil water around the seed and new roots during the critical germination and emergence period.’
    • ‘The foundation was funded by an initial company start-up grant and replenishes its coffers with an annual employee giving campaign.’
    • ‘As water migrates, it replenishes soil water around the seed during germination and emergence.’
    • ‘Fire replenishes nutrients in soil and recycles carbon, benefiting forests and wildlife.’
    • ‘Conversely, diversified, grain and poultry & livestock cooperatives replenished their unallocated equity accounts while revolving member equity.’
    • ‘However, this year will be critical for producers to apply the right amount of water at the right time, because the subsoil moisture wasn't replenished by winter and spring precipitation.’
    • ‘Since 2000, U.S. oil companies have replenished their reserves by acquiring other oil companies, many of which are headquartered in Canada.’
    • ‘Napoleon's previous campaigns relied heavily on the spoils of war to replenish the troops, so he was utterly unprepared for an adversary who would rather destroy his own kingdom than let another take it.’
    • ‘McGurn says he'll advise against a slew of corporate proposals to replenish employee option plans recently depleted by makeup grants.’
    refill, fill up, recharge, reload
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    1. 1.1Restore (a stock or supply) to a former level or condition.
      ‘all creatures need sleep to replenish their energies’
      • ‘In particular, materials requirement planning is a system that assists management to monitor inventory and replenish as stock levels approach minimum requirements.’
      • ‘Ship stocks will then be replenished from the base warehouses.’
      • ‘State marine biologists said coastal waters were over-fished and the ban was necessary so that stocks could be replenished.’
      • ‘Almost immediately I found myself replenishing his stock of cigars, not the brand he preferred but the nearest to it.’
      • ‘Like a well of water, creative energy replenishes itself slowly over time.’
      • ‘However the National Energy Fund may be replenished, also by January of next year, he added.’
      • ‘Once you land the energy replenishes and you can take to the skies once more.’
      • ‘Cutting intervals that are consistently shorter than 30 days stress legume stands because the plants do not fully replenish depleted energy reserves in the taproots and crowns.’
      • ‘Each ability takes a certain amount of bio-energy, which Frost can replenish with energy packs scattered throughout the battlefields he fights through.’
      • ‘That meant that you could replenish all your energy anytime.’
      • ‘Strong tactics may deplete the support provider's emotional resources at a faster rate than they can be replenished.’
      • ‘My son's cockatiel eats like a bird, so our stock of millet and black-oil sunflower seeds rarely needs replenishing.’
      • ‘Try focusing on metrics that highlight speed: the time that it takes to bring a new product or service to market, the time that it takes to replenish or to restock the shelves with your product, the time that it takes to fill a customer order.’
      • ‘With some of the stress and urgency of the spring semester removed, we have time to reflect and replenish, to renew ourselves.’
      • ‘This total state of calm spreads throughout, giving every organ, tissue and cell a chance to replenish and benefit from their own vast stores of energy.’
      • ‘Each character has an energy meter that depletes and replenishes as time goes by, so you need to pick your spots.’
      • ‘As the sounds of automation are replacing human voices, processors are gaining greater control over such functions as receiving, storing, ordering, handling, picking, replenishing and shipping.’
      • ‘Low channel inventory and distributors that are replenishing stock are also contributing to improve Gartner's mid-term forecasts.’
      • ‘Different weapons and their respective replenishing supply of ammunition, mushrooms that restock your health meter and potion bottles that fill up Gandalf's magic attack lie all around.’
      • ‘About 15 minutes later the curtain goes up and high on replenished blood sugar levels, the kids are off again.’
      stock up, restock, restore, fill up, make up
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/rəˈpleniSH/ /rəˈplɛnɪʃ/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘supply abundantly’): from Old French repleniss-, lengthened stem of replenir, from re- ‘again’ (also expressing intensive force) + plenir ‘fill’ (from Latin plenus ‘full’).