Definition of replevin in English:



  • 1Law
    A procedure whereby seized goods may be provisionally restored to their owner pending the outcome of an action to determine the rights of the parties concerned.

    ‘The word ‘replevin’ refers to the ability of a tenant to retake the seized goods.’
    • ‘I think that the word ‘replevin’ would be an old Norman-French word that goes back to 1066 and probably means ‘recover’.’
    • ‘I was asked at the United Future caucus this morning what the word ‘replevin’ means, and I had to confess that I had absolutely no idea.’
    retrieval, regaining, repossession, getting back, recapture, reclamation, recouping, retaking, redemption
    1. 1.1An action arising from a replevin.
      • ‘Shortly thereafter, plaintiff brought this action in replevin to recover the dog.’
      retrieve, regain, regain possession of, get back, win back, take back, recoup, reclaim, repossess, recapture, retake, redeem



/rəˈplev(ə)n/ /rəˈplɛv(ə)n/


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French, from Old French replevir ‘recover’ (see replevy).