Definition of replicase in English:



  • An enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of a complementary RNA molecule using an RNA template.

    ‘Q-beta replicase based gene amplification: This approach involves production of RNA in the amplification reaction using QB replicase as the enzyme and reaction at fixed temperature.’
    • ‘The estimate is based on a large mutational target, the 804-base TMV MP gene that encodes the viral movement protein, which is a cognate sequence for the viral replicase.’
    • ‘As a replicase, Pol is highly sensitive to template defects and misinserts nucleotides only extremely rarely.’
    • ‘To prove the replicase assumption of the RNA world hypothesis, these features must be united into a single ribozyme’.’
    • ‘In viruses, these readthrough events are responsible for the expression of elongated proteins that normally provide the replicase function of the virus.’



/ˈrepləˌkāz/ /ˈrɛpləˌkeɪz/


1960s from the verb replicate+ -ase.