Definition of repone in English:



  • 1Scottish historical To restore (a person) to a position or office previously held, to reinstate; especially to restore (a deposed minister) to the ministry. Formerly also with † in, † to.

  • 2Law
    To restore to a former legal status; especially to restore (a person) to his or her right to defend a case, typically after a decree in absence has been granted. Frequently against a previous judgment. Formerly also with † to. Formerly also †without object. Usually in passive.

  • 3Scottish To give as a reply; to answer. Also without object: to reply. rare after 17th century.

    Now chiefly in representations of Scottish dialects.



/rɪˈpəʊn/ /(ˌ)riːˈpəʊn/


Late Middle English (in an earlier sense). From classical Latin repōnere to put back, replace, to restore (abstract things), to restore (a person to a status or condition), to pay back, repay, to put down, to store away, to lay to rest, to place (in a class, category), to rest, make dependent (on), in post-classical Latin also to reply from re- + pōnere to put, place.