Definition of reposado in English:


nounplural noun reposados

  • A type of tequila that has been aged in oak for a period of two to twelve months.

    ‘We'll stick by our statement, with an amendment: ‘Unless designated as anejo, muy anejo or reposado, tequilas are legally unaged.’’
    • ‘He has advised Partida on this new release, and the result is a character-filled spirit in the three (blanco, reposado and anejo) tequila varieties.’
    • ‘The Cantina serves a sampler of 7 tequilas, featuring blancos (unaged tequilas), reposados (aged in white oak for up to a year), and anejos (aged in white oak for more than a year).’
    • ‘When customers order aged tequilas - reposados or anejos - straight, they are generally served in snifter-type glasses.’
    • ‘El Chorrito makes white reposado (aged for a minimum of six months) and ambar anejo (a 14-month minimum).’
    • ‘Some brands also carry the designation reposado, which translates literally as reposed or rested, which indicates that the tequila has been barrel aged to acquire its color.’
    • ‘Definitely one of the purest reposados I've had the pleasure of experiencing.’



/ˌrepəˈsädō/ /ˌrɛpəˈsɑdoʊ/


Spanish, literally ‘rested’.