Definition of reposition in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēpəˈziSHən/ /ˌripəˈzɪʃən/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Place in a different position; adjust or alter the position of.

    ‘try repositioning the thermostat in another room’
    • ‘A different typeface and repositioning the letters to the bottom right portion, instead of having them centered.’
    • ‘It is a second firefighter who repositions the net.’
    • ‘Overall, the Nitro Elite did a decent job of cooling my system once I repositioned one of the fans to an intake position.’
    • ‘The last code segment shows how to reposition the sound source location and the orientation and position of the listener.’
    • ‘This tightens the belts, gets the airbags ready and repositions the seats when the car thinks things have gone horribly wrong.’
    • ‘Later, his mother would tidy the sofa and reposition the pillow, inadvertently noticing the smell of the ocean captured in its fibers.’
    • ‘To follow the sun's arc through the sky, Chris daily repositions the panels.’
    • ‘One of the main technical problems with tape drives is that they must be tuned to avoid what is called the shoeshine effect - starting, stopping and repositioning the tape.’
    • ‘By the end of the Middle Ages, churches such as Westminster Abbey or S. Denis were full of important tombs, and repositioning these monuments became necessary in order to accommodate yet more.’
    • ‘Regus can usually make the alterations overnight, repositioning the metal walls as if they were Lego bricks.’
    • ‘We stopped once outside, and here he repositioned his hat upon his head and lit a cigar, gesturing for me to take one.’
    • ‘The larger areas, the reception, pub, and dining room, have been repositioned around a central atrium, as have the smaller offices.’
    • ‘As a result, the owner quickly repositioned the department near the normal walking pattern, and sales increased dramatically.’
    dislodge, dislocate, upset, unsettle, move, shift, relocate, reposition
    1. 1.1Change the image of (a company, product, etc.) to target a new or wider market.
      ‘our assignment was to reposition coffee from a “rite of passage” drink to a “contemporary experience.”’
      • ‘Much of what business will be doing for the next two years is unraveling, reconfiguring, and repositioning those existing companies and structures that have failed.’
      • ‘The ‘realignment’ consisted of 50 jobs being cut, and repositioning the company as a ‘solutions provider’.’
      • ‘We were able to rethink, redesign, repackage, and reposition our products from a viewpoint of how people use particular padlocks and in what contexts they use them.’
      • ‘But after a tepid response in the market during its first sales year, its creators decided to reposition their product as a milk beverage rather than a soda.’
      • ‘We're using the downturn to reposition our business to better prepare for the trends we see downstream.’
      • ‘One can modify a product, reposition it, withdraw it from a market, suggest improvements but the same can't be said of nation branding.’
      • ‘The company has successfully repositioned itself in the market and is now taking its place among the great carmakers of Europe.’
      • ‘Observable in initiatives from food to vitamin supplements and beauty care, marketers have been tweaking product lines and repositioning them in a bid to win maturing baby boomers.’
      • ‘The clothing retailer, which has been repositioning its Peacock brand to include more fashionable products, said sales growth had slipped in the fourth quarter.’
      • ‘It's during this period that CAs decide to become partners, move to industry positions, or reposition themselves in non-traditional roles.’
      • ‘McCain needed not only to create a strong position for himself but also to reposition the leader in the mind of the consumer/voter.’
      • ‘The shares are not liquid, the bid-offer spread is wide, and based on its assets and financial position it is hard to see how it can reposition itself strategically.’
      • ‘It has now emerged that he is also working, with a consortium, on repositioning the US hotel group, which lost $8 million on a web-based management system.’
      • ‘I also am in the process of repositioning myself in the minds of distributors, many of who have had a relationship with The Hot Button on some level.’
      • ‘Shedding Capri's $5 billion mortgage loan portfolio was the first step toward repositioning the firm for future growth.’
      • ‘The marketing strategies that Sainsbury outlined in today's report would suggest that it is intent on repositioning itself as a provider of quality foods.’
      • ‘I was interested in playing with this iconic moment in American cinema, in repositioning it and adding a twist.’
      • ‘It overlooks the way in which the Labour Party has repositioned itself in relation to a broad political constituency, which includes business interests, particularly ‘global’ business.’
      • ‘Damelin Computer School has been repositioned as the premier IT training institute in South Africa, producing highly sought-after skills for these markets.’
      • ‘Predictably, French was then repositioned as a colonial language imposed on Guadeloupean people, a source of division and confusion.’
      movement, move, moving, shifting, shift, handover, relocation, repositioning, transplant, redirection, conveyance, transferral, transference, removal, change, changeover, switch, conversion