Definition of reprehensibility in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌhensəˈbilətē/


See reprehensible

‘Attempting to prove the legal reprehensibility of the enemy can only result in entangling one's own forces in the very litigation one is attempting to impose on the enemy.’
  • ‘Under this definition of ‘reprehensibility,’ the reprehensibility of that fraud should be measured against the potential harm to everyone the defendant tried to harm or exposed to injury through its reckless conduct.’
  • ‘Its reprehensibility apart, this form of control is hardly enforceable in the long run, given that women's collection activities are necessary for household subsistence.’
  • ‘Clifford's contention about the reprehensibility of believing without or against the evidence still stands.’
  • ‘The court held that subsequent acts of repair should lessen the jury's final judgement about the reprehensibility of an act.’