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  • 1Relating to or characterized by representation.

    ‘representational democracy’
    • ‘There are definitely countries - and again, South Africa, representational democracy, rather than direct vote, has a strong legacy in a lot of countries.’
    • ‘They acknowledged the achievements of their predecessors and colleagues in the articulation of objects with no representational agenda, viewed as things in themselves.’
    • ‘Emperor Meiji had only a representational role in the Westernization of Japan.’
    • ‘Within all the false claims made by Shingon priest-scholars, Esotericism is held firmly to its singularized status as an abstruse belief system, even in its attempted assimilation at the representational level.’
    • ‘More important, to deny the fundamental importance of ‘historical narrative’ for the Assyrians is to ignore one of their most comprehensively developed representational modes.’
    1. 1.1Relating to or denoting art which aims to depict the physical appearance of things.
      Contrasted with abstract
      ‘the abstract and representational elements in the same picture’
      • ‘I'm thinking specifically about his emphasis on distortions within structuring elements of physical and representational space.’
      • ‘Like the most diaphanous works by Turner or Rothko, it suggests representational elements, yet one is hard-pressed to discern any in the image.’
      • ‘In this solo show, David Baerwalde departed from a 10-year practice of focusing his paintings and sculptures on clearly representational elements.’
      • ‘Wall painting and statuary began, and representational art became a major element.’
      • ‘In this series of 19 new paintings, Lutes reclaims some of his earlier roots and themes, successfully synthesizing representational elements with the wormlike, allover motifs of the later work.’
      • ‘Beginning in the '90s, Slowinski introduced representational elements into his atmospheric compositions - the human figure and pueblo architecture.’
      • ‘These reclassified representational elements are then explored in light of the objects on which they occur and the function of these objects within the dynamic relations of the period.’
      • ‘Phill composes his paintings at the same time that he tries to dissolve the representational element of his images to create what could be called premier-coup abstraction.’
      • ‘They appear both abstract and representational, spiritual and earth-bound, solitary and part of a crowd.’
      • ‘However, the repeated elements are not abstract nuclei, but representational images, including ship propellers, inner tubes, boats.’
      • ‘Before breaking the works down physically as well as in terms of their representational values, Waldeck had each reproduction framed.’
      • ‘Much of this appears abstract but is in fact loosely representational or symbolic.’
      • ‘The landscape orientation results in a more representational image, in that the space in the photograph opens like a window, and seeing and knowing are in sync.’
      • ‘The more we look, the more we become aware of the gaping disjunction between the two panels, between the representational conditions of writing and those of photography, between the artist's camera and exile's eye.’
      • ‘In the ensuing years, Miller moved from photography to painting, exploring the representational realm.’
      • ‘With the representational photographs that we take in the field, however, our purpose is primarily documentary.’
      • ‘The representational strategies this body of fiction deploys in depicting Eurasians can be seen as a refusal to allow the history of the Anglo-Indian community into the official colonial narrative.’
      • ‘Boelhower foregrounds those elements both in the cartographic subject and in the representational syntax of cartography that resist the universalising tendency of its mathematical frame.’
      • ‘In these depictions, done in a Western representational idiom, everything is explicit, and there are no secrets.’
      • ‘What kind of representational strategies are we using when we use photography or illustration featuring people?’
      illustrated, with illustrations, with pictures, with drawings, with sketches



/ˌreprəˌzenˈtāSH(ə)nəl/ /ˌrɛprəˌzɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)nəl/ /ˌreprəzənˈtāSH(ə)nəl/ /ˌrɛprəzənˈteɪʃ(ə)nəl/