Definition of represser in English:



See repress

‘Their experiments show that the Gal and Lac repressers form antiparallel loops on longer DNA molecules.’
  • ‘Chromosome tags consist of tandem copies of an operator site bound to fluorescent represser (TetR-GFP) and give rise to diffraction-limited spots in fluorescence images.’
  • ‘The resulting hyperstable Lacl-DNA loops exist as both a compact ‘closed’ form with a V-shaped represser and also a more ‘open’ form with an extended hinge.’
  • ‘However, even though the mean represser protein levels in the cell are similar in both approximations, the probability distributions are broad and far from Poissonian.’
  • ‘More recent experiments have taken advantage of the higher spatial resolution afforded by single particle tracking techniques and fluorescent analogs of the lac represser protein.’