Definition of reprobation in English:



See reprobate

‘As for streaming, it deserves to be condemned by the strongest term of reprobation known to the vocabulary of consensus: unhelpful.’
  • ‘His background and early experiences could not have been more different from the era of counselling, victim status for minorities and po-faced reprobation of so-called ‘xenophobia’.’
  • ‘This tale of ‘falling from grace,’ from divinity to abjection, of the subjection of feminine powers to the reprobation and constraints of the patriarchy society seems to be a universal trope.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, this view can only be had by crossing a badly constructed, and we can say badly inhabited, neighborhood - since it is conventional to regard poverty as a sign of reprobation.’
  • ‘In another significant adaptation, Baptists modified and softened the language concerning reprobation utilized in the Westminster Confession.’



/ˌreprəˈbāSH(ə)n/ /ˌrɛprəˈbeɪʃ(ə)n/