Definition of Republicrat in English:



  • A person whose political philosophy is a blend of policies and principles from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

    ‘To punctuate his point, he boomed, ‘I am a Republicrat’ - which to his mind means that he will sing whatever tune is necessary to keep the ear of people with the power to help his community.’
    • ‘I ould rather a Republican be elected than vote for a Republicrat as the lesser of two evils.’
    • ‘I was an independent Republicrat—I would say I voted for the president, no matter who it was.’
    • ‘It won't be long when we will all be shepherded into a new Republicrat Party.’
    • ‘The Republicrats all just make their own rules as they go.’



/rəˈpəbləˌkrat/ /rəˈpəbləˌkræt/


Late 19th century blend of Republican and Democrat.