Definition of repugn in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈpjuːn/


  • 1 rare To fight, strive, or contend; to offer opposition or resistance; to rebel; to be recalcitrant; to object. With against (also † again).

  • 2 rare With a person as object.

  • 3With a thing as object.

  • 4To affect (a person) with repugnance or aversion. Also without object: to cause repugnance.


Late Middle English (in an earlier sense). From Anglo-Norman repungner, Anglo-Norman and Middle French repugner, French répugner to resist, oppose, be contrary, to fight off, repel, resist, to show resistance, struggle, to be contradictory, to show an aversion (to do something) and its etymon classical Latin repugnāre to offer resistance (to), to fight back, to object (to), to contend, argue (against), to be contrary (to), to be inconsistent (with) from re- + pugnāre to fight. Compare Old Occitan repugnar, Catalan repugnar, Spanish repugnar, Portuguese repugnar, Italian ripugnare.