Definition of repurpose in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Adapt for use in a different purpose.

    ‘they've taken a product that was originally designed for a CD-ROM and repurposed it for the Microsoft Network’
    • ‘But the drag persists on the hardware side, where we're still repurposing Windows laptops for Linux.’
    • ‘In this story we're going to analyze and compare several different types of thin media clients, plus we'll compare them to repurposing an old laptop or desktop.’
    • ‘Is Google right to take in this information and repurpose it through Google News?’
    • ‘Quite often, the best solution is to repurpose an old desktop or laptop PC to act as your media client, since a playback-only device requires modest hardware.’
    • ‘This begins to identify what may be called a ‘storage media cascade’ that allows corporations to repurpose hardware according to its relative availability rating.’
    • ‘More recently, database-producing companies have looked to the Web both as a distribution channel for their established information and for innovative ways to repurpose that data.’
    • ‘What steps are you taking to repurpose data for future use?’
    • ‘The city of Schwabisch Hall in December also decided to repurpose a few hundred Microsoft PCs with Linux.’
    • ‘Why spend millions on buying and implementing a new system if you can repurpose your existing applications and data to deliver the same benefits of a new system?’
    • ‘As noted, museum partners are encouraged to repurpose contextual information published in exhibition catalogues and educational materials.’
    • ‘But repurpose the components judiciously - your new PC may demand faster RAM, a more potent graphics card, or a larger hard drive.’
    • ‘The question then becomes: ‘Can you retrain them, repurpose them, at least give them advance notice?’’
    • ‘CDP provides atomic data sets for repurposing with far more flexibility than snapshots.’
    • ‘The management plans to make PDF the common format to drive business-to-business e-commerce enabling documents to be stored in a PDF master and repurposed for different devices.’
    • ‘Lee has big plans for repackaging and repurposing Spock's work.’
    • ‘It's not about repurposing some e-commerce engine for every Johnny-come-lately who wants to get on the Web.’
    • ‘By now, it's widely known that Lucas freely engages in updating, altering, and repurposing his former works.’
    • ‘Tape is used to capture terabytes of data for later use and repurposing.’
    • ‘But once you get to that, you start looking at new ways of repurposing the materials.’
    • ‘In a sense, people asked implicitly for the new section simply by repurposing the original one.’



/rēˌpərpəs/ /riˌpərpəs/