Definition of reputability in English:



  • The state of having a good reputation.

    ‘check the sponsorship of a website to establish its reputability’
    • ‘Half the schemes are devised by our big four accountancy firms - the epitome of reputability.’
    • ‘That the seller of your recent disc checked the condition without prompting speaks well toward their reputability.’
    • ‘Several resources are listed below that allow you to check for consumer complaints, potential fraud and overall reputability.’
    • ‘The reputability of the health insurance provider is pretty far down the list of considerations when deciding what company to work for.’
    • ‘They're the folks we've been buying from for years because of their very low prices, fast shipping, reputability and quality of customer service.’
    • ‘Membership indicates reliability and reputability.’
    • ‘The appropriate ethics committee will need to consider the usual ethical issues with respect to purposes, reputability of researchers and other matters outlined in this document.’
    • ‘It would be difficult to find a respected scientific society or scientist of any reputability to support the cause.’
    • ‘There's a high degree of overlap between ranking factors and what makes a page highly shareable (reputability of the source, linkability, quality of the content).’
    • ‘The danger is that we should confuse the reputability of beliefs, and the reputability of those who professed them, with depth or shallowness.’



/ˌrepyədəˈbilədē/ /ˌrɛpjədəˈbɪlədi/