Definition of requiem shark in English:

requiem shark


  • A migratory, livebearing shark of warm seas, sometimes also found in brackish or fresh water.

    Family Carcharhinidae: many species, including the tiger shark, blue shark, and tope

    ‘Blacktip reef sharks and blacktip sharks are the lightweights of the requiem shark world.’
    • ‘Whitetip reef sharks, often described as ‘not aggressive’, are probably the species of requiem shark most often encountered by divers, but the least written about.’
    • ‘Grey reef and other requiem sharks need to move about or to be in moving water so that oxygenated water passes across their gills.’
    • ‘‘Grand Central Station’ is so named for the high level of interaction between the reef animals and marauding pelagics, including numerous requiem sharks.’’
    • ‘It's a wall dive subject to a strong current that brings in prolific pelagic life, including marauding requiem sharks, to interact with the reef's other inhabitants.’


requiem shark

/ˈrekwēəm/ /ˈrɛkwiəm/ /ˈrākwēəm SHärk/ /ˈreɪkwiəm ʃɑrk/


Mid 17th century from obsolete French requiem, variant of requin ‘shark’, influenced by requiem.