Definition of requiescat in English:



  • A wish or prayer for the repose of a dead person.

    ‘He then relates how even fifty years passes, and still no one discovers this murder, triumphantly declaring of Fortunato ‘In pace requiescat,’ ‘May he rest in peace.’’
    • ‘When I go to work each day in the Hugo Black courthouse and see the bust of that judge in the rotunda, I cannot help but say the prayer for Father Coyle that he used as the title of a poem: requiescat in pace.’
    • ‘In case I forget to say it later, requiescat in pace.’
    • ‘Hugh Reilly writes a piece entitled ‘May the Latin language requiescat in pace’.’



/ˌrekwēˈeskät/ /ˌrɛkwiˈɛskɑt/


Latin, from requiescat in pace (see RIP).