Definition of res judicata in English:

res judicata

nounplural noun res judicatae/ˌjo͞odiˈkätē/ /-tī/

  • A matter that has been adjudicated by a competent court and may not be pursued further by the same parties.

    ‘The effect of this judgment was that the validity of the patent was for the purposes of the inquiry res judicata as between the parties to the action.’
    • ‘The Federal Magistrate considered that the matter was res judicata by reason of the previous application to the Federal Court, and dismissed the application.’
    • ‘The doctrine of res judicata prevents the retrial of judicially settled issues and asserts the finality of judges' decisions.’
    • ‘The underlying policy of cause of action estoppel and related doctrines, which are usually classified under the heading res judicata, is that of finality in litigation and the avoidance of the multiplicity of proceedings.’
    • ‘These issues are not genuine issues for trial and are res judicata or constitute issue estoppel.’


res judicata

/ˌrās ˌyo͞odəˈkädə/ /ˌreɪs ˌjudəˈkɑdə/ /ˌrās ˌjo͞odəˈkädə/ /ˌreɪs ˌdʒudəˈkɑdə/


Latin, literally ‘judged matter’.