Definition of reseller in English:



  • A person or company that sells something they have bought to someone else.

    ‘products are sold both directly and through resellers’
    • ‘They plan to give specialized training to resellers.’
    • ‘Efforts by the news group to find out how the warranties would be applied to the Namibian resellers failed.’
    • ‘The firm said its German operations had been boosted by the purchase of a mobile service reseller earlier this year.’
    • ‘The complete series will be available to resellers by late summer.’
    • ‘The company's customers—mostly tech resellers—have password-protected sites unavailable to outsiders.’
    • ‘The remaining £6 million in sales were brought in by resellers using leads generated from visitors to the site.’
    • ‘Most manufacturers depend on a network of resellers to bring their products to the masses.’
    • ‘The brothers established a large reseller on their own.’
    • ‘The booming reseller typically turns its inventory over in less than 20 days.’
    • ‘The vendor continues to provide the source code with its products, for users (or resellers) that don't mind doing some programming.’



/rēˈselər/ /riˈsɛlər/