Definition of resend in English:


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transitive verbpast participle verb resent

[with object]
  • Send (a message, letter, package, etc.) again.

    ‘he forgot to put the time of the party on the invitations and had to resend them’
    • ‘You can also easily forward or resend SMS messages to other phone numbers in your address book or a new number.’
    • ‘We received no response and resent the message on September 20.’
    • ‘In either case, the sender should not resend the message without correcting the problem.’
    • ‘Of the 157 returned letters, 70 were resent with the forwarding address provided by the post office.’
    • ‘Parties were instead asked to resend by post a letter containing their points.’
    • ‘Anyone who sent me email in the last four days might want to resend it.’
    • ‘The production house lost about 12 pages today so we had to resend them.’
    • ‘When a data transfer falls, the message network simply resends it.’
    • ‘MW: Thanks again, Denise, for resending your post.’
    • ‘The insurance companies could access the information and review the care instantaneously without sending and resending a person's files for review.’
    • ‘Anyway, there's nothing I can do about it if I don't know an alternate address except to try resending my response once or twice.’
    • ‘He got it back and told me he would resend it.’
    • ‘All you can do is send a show to a limited number of friends and that friend then can't resend it to someone else.’
    • ‘Could you please resend to the address on this comment?’
    • ‘If you should be on here but aren't, please resend me your info.’
    • ‘If not, the receiving (destination) computer continually requests that the packets are resent until they are successfully delivered.’
    • ‘If you have already sent your questionnaire in, please resend it to the correct address.’
    • ‘Since her document kept coming back out after the fax dialed, the fax machine clearly wasn't working right and she needed to resend the document.’
    • ‘If anyone sent me an email that bounced today, just resend it.’
    • ‘Like I said, just resend it and I will receive it now.’



/ˌrēˈsend/ /ˌriˈsɛnd/