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  • 1A small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.

    ‘the fine residue left after the sorting of tea’
    • ‘the residue of the country's colonial past’
    • ‘Even when canned vegetables are rinsed small amounts of the residue remain.’
    • ‘As a result, it is almost impossible to know the amount of pesticide residues on supermarket produce.’
    • ‘Runoff and erosion decrease as the amount of residue remaining on the surface increases.’
    • ‘Rising dew from the bottom gently kissed the people on their faces, coating their skin in a fine residue as they slowly climbed down the ladder.’
    • ‘This, as well as the planting operation, would further reduce the amount of residue cover remaining.’
    • ‘You may need to wipe off a small amount of white residue.’
    • ‘This residue remains there for a few days unless special efforts have been made to wash it off.’
    • ‘The steam separators improved the residue problem with the endoscopes and also decreased the amount of residue on all instruments.’
    • ‘The order in which crops are grown has to be chosen carefully, considering such factors as the amount of residue a crop leaves, and root depth.’
    • ‘Abrasive selection is dependent upon the amount of residue or burrs to be removed.’
    • ‘During drought years, the amount of residue is even less, which exposes the soil to greater evaporation and erosion.’
    • ‘He said that with the use of rotavators, stubs and residues of the previous crops get chopped into fine pieces and get thoroughly mixed in soil to form organic manure.’
    • ‘The cause was found to be the high amount of pesticide residue on vegetables.’
    • ‘The independent Veterinary Residues Committee is following up the issue of residues of nicarbazin and other feed additives in poultry.’
    • ‘Straw also requires far fewer chemicals and less energy to produce paper pulp, due to the low amount of lignin in its residue.’
    • ‘The main source of bacterial growth in whirlpool tubs is the residue which accumulates in the piping.’
    • ‘It is proposed that the waste timber product would be obtained from local forestry residues including thinnings.’
    • ‘Further opportunities in Ireland arise from waste water treatment plants and agricultural residues.’
    • ‘They save a tremendous amount of work; farmers can sow into the plant residue rather than tilling the soil.’
    • ‘They are likely to contain residues of insecticides.’
    remainder, remaining part, part leftover, rest, remnant, remnants
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    1. 1.1A substance that remains after a process such as combustion or evaporation.
      ‘the ash was a residue from coal-fired power stations’
      • ‘When heated this produces methane gas and a solid residue of sodium carbonate.’
      • ‘Oxidation of amino acid residues in proteins is known to alter their functional properties.’
      • ‘Steam distillation or chromatography of wood and wood residues can release terpenes.’
      • ‘Scattered depressions in the desert fill with water after a rainfall, retaining an alkaline residue as the water evaporates.’
      • ‘It's true that incineration reduces the volume of waste, but the residue is highly toxic.’
    2. 1.2Law The part of an estate that is left after the payment of charges, debts, and bequests.
      ‘the residue of the estate was divided equally among the cousins’
      • ‘By her will the deceased left you the residue of her estate.’
      • ‘Thus, there was an intestacy with respect to the residue of the Estate.’
      • ‘One assumes it was intended to fall into the residue of the Estate, but this is simply another drafting problem with these two clauses in the Will.’
      • ‘The residue of the Estate is to be invested and the net income derived from the investment is to be paid to the applicant during her lifetime.’
      • ‘The disclaimed property goes back into the residue of the estate, and is disposed of under the terms of the will.’
      remainder, remaining part, part leftover, rest, remnant, remnants
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/ˈrezəˌdo͞o/ /ˈrɛzəˌdu/


Late Middle English from Old French residu, from Latin residuum ‘something remaining’ (see residuum).