Definition of residuum in English:


Pronunciation /rəˈzijəwəm/ /rəˈzɪdʒəwəm/


  • A substance or thing that remains or is left behind, in particular, a chemical residue.

    • ‘But figuring out exactly how to regenerate ammonia borane from the residuum left after hydrogen has been extracted remains a stumbling block.’
    • ‘The barite ore is massive and occurs within residuum derived from carbonate units.’
    • ‘Type I peridotites are interpreted to be the residua remaining after extraction of a partial melt.’
    • ‘After evaluation of the residuum and comparison with a threshold value, a fault signal is generated when the residuum reaches the threshold value.’
    • ‘These soils are moderately deep to deep, well-drained loam or silt loam surface soils with loam or silty clay loam subsoils, formed primarily in sandstone residuum.’
    remainder, remaining part, part leftover, rest, remnant, remnants


Late 17th century from Latin, neuter of residuus ‘remaining’, from the verb residere.



/rəˈzijəwəm/ /rəˈzɪdʒəwəm/