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  • 1no object Voluntarily leave a job or other position.

    ‘he resigned from from the company in protest of the treatment of his co-workers’
    • ‘By 1909 Einstein was recognised as a leading scientific thinker and in that year he resigned from the patent office.’
    • ‘The Chancellor resigned from office and decided to leave the academy on his own.’
    • ‘So, taking drastic steps, John resigned from his job and, with his one suitcase, stayed in Southampton.’
    • ‘His barrister said he had resigned from the school where he was teaching and was now hoping to retrain as a florist.’
    • ‘Both men denied any wrongdoing but still resigned from their posts’
    • ‘But the threat that worried him most came one day before he resigned from the Commercial Radio show.’
    • ‘His father, a distinguished Marxist academic, resigned from Labour during one of its debilitating civil wars.’
    • ‘He resigned from the Council in 1990 when new rules prevented paid council officers sitting as elected members.’
    • ‘They both resigned from the company but demanded compensation.’
    • ‘Following the expulsions, two more union leaders resigned from the party.’
    • ‘Margaret has resigned from the committee after a very significant commitment for 3 years.’
    • ‘To their disappointment, the vote of confidence was not given whereupon they resigned from their posts and left the meeting.’
    • ‘She resigned from the position of the station chief executive officer last year, but she is still the director.’
    • ‘She was unable to return to the job and last Thursday, following meetings with her employers, resigned from her position.’
    • ‘She had resigned from her job as she knew she faced dismissal and her employer had refused to provide her with a reference because of the court case.’
    • ‘He resigned from this position when it became clear that for a serious career as a TV scriptwriter meant living in London.’
    • ‘He withdrew his nomination later that year and eventually resigned from the court.’
    • ‘I personally know life-long members who resigned from the Party over this issue.’
    • ‘He had resigned from his post when the theft was discovered.’
    • ‘He said that he has resigned from any form of political and public life.’
    leave, go, hand in one's notice, give in one's notice, give notice, stand down, step down, bow out, walk out
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    1. 1.1with object Give up (an office, power, privilege, etc.)
      ‘four deputies resigned their seats’
      • ‘I further call on her to present a public apology to the family, and then to resign her office.’
      • ‘The Deputy is resigning his seat in the light of the Government's decision to abolish the dual mandate.’
      • ‘Precisely what transpired is unknown, but he resigned all offices and spent the rest of his life in Europe, dying in Boulogne.’
      • ‘Once in office, that person could accept no other office in the state and had to resign any office already held.’
      • ‘Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, leaves his kingdom suddenly and resigns power to his deputy, Angelo.’
      • ‘The law said - and still says - that anyone who leaves their party effectively resigns their seat.’
      • ‘He resigned his seat in the legislative assembly a short while later.’
      • ‘He resigned his Westminster seat at the last general election.’
      • ‘In 1938 she resigned her seat but failed to be re-elected on this cause.’
      • ‘But after about a year, he resigned his cabinet seat to spend more time in his home community.’
      • ‘Any current councillors who plan to run for mayor will also have to resign their seats.’
      • ‘So why is it that he wasn't forced to resign his parliamentary seat as well?’
      • ‘Should he resign his seat and retire from politics until his name is cleared?’
      • ‘He said he would not resign his seat to allow a by-election to take place.’
      • ‘He will have to declare bankruptcy and will be obliged to resign his seat in parliament.’
      • ‘Within a year, he had resigned his seat in order to resume his military career.’
      • ‘He became the first African leader upon independence to resign office voluntarily.’
      • ‘Women were forced to resign office jobs upon marriage, and this tradition was upheld well into the 1950s.’
      • ‘She added that she did not feel it was necessary for her to resign her seat and stand again as an independent.’
      • ‘Last month, the two founders of the company resigned their executive positions.’
      give up, leave, vacate, stand down from, retire from
      renounce, relinquish, give up, abandon, surrender, forgo, cede, abdicate, sign away
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    2. 1.2Chess no object End a game by conceding defeat without being checkmated.
      ‘he lost his Queen and resigned in 45 moves’
      • ‘The game was over after 25 moves but he tried some tactics before resigning in 34 moves.’
      • ‘Your only reasonable choices are to either make the move immediately or resign.’
      • ‘He proceeded to strategically outplay his opponent in very convincing fashion, and the latter admitted after the game that he had been close to resigning after the first time scramble.’
      • ‘In a knight and two pawns ending, he had little choice but to resign after 60 moves.’
      • ‘This saw him give up his bishop and after that he had no option but to resign on the 41st move.’
  • 2be resignedAccept that something undesirable cannot be avoided.

    ‘she resigned herself to a lengthy session’
    • ‘he seems resigned to a shortened career’
    • ‘At the moment, it is extremely difficult to find a decent house either for rent or purchase at affordable rates and many people have resigned themselves to accepting anything called shelter.’
    • ‘My husband has resigned himself to my ‘hobby’ and accepts it.’
    • ‘In the summer of 1647 and again in the autumn of 1648 a majority in the two Houses, unable to see the way forward, resigned themselves to accepting such terms as the king would accept.’
    • ‘Compounded by frost damage in following years, some farmers had resigned themselves to not planting a crop because of the bleak conditions.’
    • ‘We haven't been notified of how long he may be away, but we've resigned ourselves to around six months.’
    • ‘We seem to have given up pretending to solve the problem and have resigned ourselves to merely coping with it.’
    • ‘So I dutifully checked my vaccinations were up-to-date - typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis A and all the rest - and resigned myself to six weeks of malaria tablets.’
    • ‘The main thing is getting back fit again no matter how long it takes and I have more or less resigned myself to not playing again this season.’
    • ‘Seeing that a better world is possible pushes us to solve challenges that we once might have resigned ourselves to.’
    • ‘Just when I resigned myself to not coaching, I had the job again.’
    • ‘So he resigned himself to just thinking about the matters at hand.’
    • ‘He sighed as he resigned himself to what seemed the best answer to protect his daughter from herself.’
    • ‘A strange calm seemed to be settling over his whole body as he resigned himself to what was going to happen.’
    • ‘After their dance at the ball Kate had resigned herself to politely ignoring him and would most likely think him mad if he even brought up the subject of love.’
    • ‘Stacey resigned herself to not competing, and went in for a second arthroscopic surgery.’
    • ‘Sofia resigned herself to this fate with a dignified acceptance.’
    • ‘Even the reporters who, previously, had resigned themselves to intent observation, were tapping their feet in time to the music, their lips moving silently.’
    • ‘Ideally, many would love to see the former Victorian building and its extensive grounds restored to its former glory but they have resigned themselves to losing it to some sort of new housing scheme.’
    • ‘But ultimately, I think they've probably resigned themselves to the fact that they're going to be attacked.’
    • ‘‘Previous generations of women resigned themselves to old age when they turned 50,’ she says.’
    reconcile oneself to, become resigned to, become reconciled to, have no choice but to accept, come to terms with, learn to live with, get used to the idea of
    patient, long-suffering, uncomplaining, forbearing, tolerant, stoical, philosophical, unprotesting, reconciled, fatalistic
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    1. 2.1 archaic Surrender oneself to another's guidance.
      ‘he vows to resign himself to her direction’
      • ‘She had sufficient control over herself to accept his decision without a murmur, and to resign herself to his will.’
      • ‘She looked once or twice at her brother in a way that made his heart ache; but she seemed to have resigned herself to his direction.’
      • ‘He was willing to resign himself to her care and gentle guidance.’
      • ‘With that artless piety, which innocence only knows, she addressed the Supreme Being, and resigned herself to his care.’
      • ‘He resigned himself to their counsel and direction.’



/rəˈzīn/ /rəˈzaɪn/


Late Middle English from Old French resigner, from Latin resignare ‘unseal, cancel’, from re- ‘back’ + signare ‘sign, seal’.