Definition of resistive in English:



  • 1 technical Able to withstand the action or effect of something.

    ‘Part of the difficulty comes in knowing how many, how long, where, and how deep the anchors should be to provide stability to the whole wall, as well as how to fasten this to the wall and spread its resistive force across the face.’
    • ‘So I selected a more resistive gear and swung into a steady rhythm.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the resistive force established for such a test is determined from total body mass for a friction loaded Monark cycle ergometer ie 75’
    1. 1.1Physics Of or concerning electrical resistance.
      ‘Capacitive, piezo resistive, or piezoelectric sensors pick up these motion-triggered vibrations.’
      • ‘The researchers calculate that the superconductor approach would dissipate less heat than semiconductor designs, because relatively few electrons are in the resistive, non-superconducting state.’
      • ‘A strong, alternating current heats a resistive filament, causing it to emit electrons.’
      • ‘The equivalent electrical circuit consists of resistive and capacitance elements.’
      • ‘The present invention overcomes the difficulties found in the background art by providing a direct low resistive contact between devices on a semiconductor chip without excessive current leakage.’



/rəˈzistiv/ /rəˈzɪstɪv/