Definition of resolvability in English:



See resolve

‘But in Timor's case, the facts of the situation made it an eminently resolvable problem, and one of my complaints about the media would be its failure to articulate the underlying facts and their resolvability.’
  • ‘Because of the limited resolvability of complex decays available from all instruments, these nonexponential intensity decays can be equally well fit to the multiexponential decay law.’
  • ‘Also note that ‘resolvability’ is defined on pairs of sites, rather than on double heterozygotes.’



/rəˌzôlvəˈbilədē/ /rəˌzɔlvəˈbɪlədi/ /rəˌzälvəˈbilədē/ /rəˌzɑlvəˈbɪlədi/