Definition of resolvent in English:


Pronunciation /riˈzälvənt/ /-ˈzôl-/ /rəˈzɑlvənt/


  • Denoting an equation, function, or expression that is introduced in order to reach or complete a solution.

    ‘The most significant aspect of Waring's treatment of this example is the symmetric relation between the roots of the quartic equation and its resolvent cubic.’
    • ‘We refer to this method as resolvent method and briefly review it in the Resolvent Method section.’
    • ‘If A is a closed, densely defined linear operator on H, then the resolvent set is an open. subset of the complex plane.’


  • An equation, function, or expression used as a resolvent.

    ‘Note that the 20 x 20 entries of the resolvent can be calculated separately and independently of each other.’
    • ‘We also discuss cases where the norm of the resolvent of a bounded linear operator cannot be constant on an open set.’
    • ‘Geometrically the resolvent enables us to resolve the whole spread represented by any given set of algebraic equations into definite irreducible spreads.’