Definition of resorcinol in English:



  • A crystalline compound originally obtained from galbanum resin, used in the production of dyes, resins, and cosmetics.

    Alternative name: 1,3-dihydroxybenzene; chemical formula: C₆H₄(OH)₂

    ‘We selected five compounds, genistein, metaproterenol, rotenone, p-anisidine and resorcinol, that had extensive genotoxicity and carcinogenicity data and tested them in the standard 7 day exposure SHE assay.’
    • ‘The entropic penalty is greater for the drugs than for benzene and resorcinol, perhaps because the latter possess fewer degrees of freedom that can be restricted upon binding.’
    • ‘The subsequently developed resorcinol analogue, orciprenaline, was longer acting, albeit less potent, but clearly neither of them was an ideal drug.’
    • ‘Use resorcinol glue on both sides of the stock to glue them together.’
    • ‘In the synthetic direction, the amount of synthesized sucrose was determined by a resorcinol reaction.’



/rəˈzôrsənôl/ /rəˈzɔrsənɔl/ /rēˈzôrsəˌnôl/ /riˈzɔrsəˌnɔl/ /rəˈzôrsəˌnäl/ /rəˈzɔrsəˌnɑl/ /rēˈzôrsəˌnäl/ /riˈzɔrsəˌnɑl/


Late 19th century from the earlier term resorcin+ -ol.