Definition of respawn in English:


Pronunciation /rēˈspôn/ /ˈrēspôn/

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • (of a character in a video game) reappear after having been killed.

    ‘if someone dies—and they probably will—they simply respawn’
    • ‘once an operative is downed, he'll respawn as a Hunter’
    • ‘If an enemy defender gets destroyed, he will be respawned after 20 seconds’
    • ‘It's worth noting that planes respawn either at the air base or on the aircraft carrier, and vehicles at control points.’
    • ‘I hope they remind them that the spacebar doesn't respawn you in real combat.’
    • ‘Sure, you'll die, but you simply respawn a little ways back like nothing happened.’
    • ‘Players who die are either respawned at a checkpoint or returned to the safe house to thieve another day.’
    • ‘To make things a bit more difficult, zombies respawned every three seconds.’
    • ‘If you die, you lose nothing, and after respawning back at the starting area, you can select any of your group members' names and be immediately teleported back to where they are.’
    • ‘At one point, I'm given the option of respawning as the Terminator from the movies, but I'm not sure what advantage if any it gives me.’
    • ‘The game has a nasty habit of respawning enemies, especially in cleared areas, so you can expect to see defeated foes again and again.’
    • ‘The portion of gold that a player keeps for themselves can be used to purchase items, unit upgrades, and weapons in the loadout screen before a player respawns or when they enter their lair or stronghold.’
    • ‘A player respawns as soon as all the enemies are cleared so long as one ally survives.’


  • An instance of a character in a video game reappearing after having been killed.

    ‘the level of difficulty makes for frequent deaths and respawns’
    • ‘To change the difficulty you need to play with switches instead of an outright difficulty level: enemy population, number of respawns, type of goal, and so-on.’
    • ‘Annoyingly, respawns after deaths seem to always occur at the furthest points away from the fighting action on the maps.’
    • ‘Deaths don't cause downtime at least, thanks to the instant respawns which keep the pace moving smoothly.’
    • ‘If you've traveled four kilometers from a Main Base and die, then the respawn location is the biggest penalty — you're back at Main Base.’
    • ‘There's support for respawn options.’
    • ‘The large maps make it incredibly easy to sit at an enemy respawn point and repeatedly kill opponents off before they can react.’
    • ‘Player velocity is no longer carried over on respawn.’
    • ‘Every time I died in multiplayer, there was a roughly 10% chance respawn wouldn't work properly.’
    • ‘You'll often find yourself with an ample number of points, which is one of the culprits that makes the game that little bit too easy, unlimited respawns being the other.’
    • ‘There were no respawns in this section and we have to say we panicked somewhat and were picked off by a red team sniper.’