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  • A person who has a high regard for someone or something.

    ‘I am a great respecter of all forms of wildlife’
    • ‘New communication media are always disruptive, and are no respecters of the established order.’
    • ‘They were not respecters of power and position.’
    • ‘As respecters of rules and regulations they also expected their politicians to say what they mean, and deliver on their promises.’
    • ‘The property was derelict, and the cows, mostly rejects from other herds, were no respecters of finely-nuanced sophistry.’
    • ‘Events of this kind are no respecters of scale or boundaries.’
    • ‘Given that birds are no respecters of borders, the risk of bird flu crossing into this country is considerable.’
    • ‘National economies and the hard facts of life are no respecters of dogma.’
    • ‘And who are the best golfers, the most assiduous respecters of the rules and spirit of the game?’
    • ‘In fact, like cancer, it can affect anyone - it is no respecter of age, creed or background.’
    • ‘Patients with HIV often progress to full-blown Aids, which is still incurable and is no respecter of age or sexual orientation.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, historical reality is no respecter of conventional wisdom and often requires it to change course if calamity is to be avoided.’
    • ‘Progress, however, is no great respecter of tranquillity.’
    • ‘This is in recognition of the fact that wildlife is no respecter of territorial lines covenanted between men.’
    • ‘He may not have been a great respecter of the institution of marriage, but he lived his life by a code of honour that gave the highest place to patriotism and duty.’
    • ‘There are no pre-determined outcomes and knowledge is no respecter of any prejudices or individual sensibilities.’
    • ‘It is wonderful for keeping in touch with friends and family, being no respecter of borders or time zones.’
    • ‘‘Migratory birds are no respecters of international boundaries and their future is linked to concerted global actions to tackle climate change,’ he said.’
    • ‘River floods are respecters of neither wealth nor status, and both developed and developing countries have been severely afflicted in recent years, across every continent.’
    • ‘But as warfare became more professional and since guns were no respecters of persons, royal valour diminished in importance.’
    • ‘Family violence is no respecter of race, class, or religion.’



/rəˈspektər/ /rəˈspɛktər/


    be no respecter of —
    • Not be influenced by status, wealth, etc.

      ‘Jesus was no respecter of people’
      • ‘The cruel hands of death is no respecter of persons.’
      • ‘Death is the great leveller; it is no respecter of persons.’
      • ‘He was compelled to report his evidence, no matter who was guilty - friend or foe, president or pope, and he was no respecter of persons or positions.’
      • ‘Krishna's saying, ‘I envy no man, nor am I partial to anyone; I am equal to all' is a lot like the idea that God is no respecter of persons.’
      • ‘A law, even in this House, should be no respecter of persons.’
      • ‘Wise mercy involves the insight that suffering is no respecter of persons.’
      • ‘But even if you detest their music and can't stand their ways, remember that God is no respecter of persons.’
      • ‘In theory, since God is no respecter of persons, the role of mystic/ecstatic should have been open to all.’
      • ‘Yet death is not only no respecter of persons, it also pays little heed to age.’
      • ‘One of the wonderful things about the modern British is that they are no respecters of persons, however elevated.’