Definition of respiratory quotient in English:

respiratory quotient


  • The ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide evolved to that of oxygen consumed by an organism, tissue, or cell in a given time.

    ‘The respiratory quotient is the amount of CO 2 relative to the amount of O 2 consumed (in normal situations this is approximately 0.8)’
    • ‘The alveolar-arterial oxygen pressure difference was calculated for each sample by the alveolar gas equation, using the measured respiratory quotient during the same time point of exercise.’
    • ‘The respiratory quotient was often outside normal parameters.’
    • ‘The respiratory quotient may also reflect tissue damage.’
    • ‘Breath-by-breath gas analysis was used to determine peak oxygen uptake, exercise ventilation, and respiratory quotient.’


respiratory quotient

/ˈresp(ə)rəˌtôrē/ /ˈrɛsp(ə)rəˌtɔri/ /rəˈspīrəˌtôrē ˈkwōSHənt/ /rəˈspaɪrəˌtɔri ˈkwoʊʃənt/