Definition of respite care in English:

respite care


  • Temporary institutional care of a sick, elderly, or disabled person, providing relief for their usual caregiver.

    ‘They include meals on wheels, home help, day care, respite care for carers, and special assistance for those who are ill or who are about to leave hospital.’
    • ‘Care in hospital, care at home, respite care, and education all need to be coordinated, and community paediatric nurses often do this as key workers.’
    • ‘Many nursing homes have respite care than can provide you with several days of relief.’
    • ‘The scheme allows local councils to give users a predefined budget to plan and purchase their own personalised care services, such as respite care.’
    • ‘There were plans for those who needed respite care, and for a home care service.’
    • ‘The service provides information on advocacy and lobbying, training and information, and also respite care for carers in the home.’
    • ‘Well, it is weekend respite care including overnight care.’
    • ‘An innovative project aimed at providing accommodation to older people with dementia and respite care for long term carers has been launched.’
    • ‘They take the pressure off carers through respite care and ensure the person with dementia spends that time doing something they enjoy.’
    • ‘There is space for 37 permanent residents and the centre offers day care and respite care for five people each day.’
    • ‘We have also been a haven for family carers, providing much-needed respite care for their loved one.’
    • ‘They should step up help with respite care where the care is intensive.’
    • ‘Patients come here for pain control and symptom control, for respite care and for terminal care.’
    • ‘And there may also have to be cuts in services such as home care and respite care.’
    • ‘Even when respite care is available, it is often unaffordable or is not compensated by insurance programs.’
    • ‘The impact of different types of respite care could also be assessed.’
    • ‘Family issues often surface when discussing the specifics of respite care.’
    • ‘The greater the sleep deprivation the higher the need for overnight respite care.’
    • ‘The most common respite care programs are home health services and adult day services.’


respite care

/ˈrespət ker/ /ˈrɛspət kɛr/