Definition of resplendence in English:



See resplendent

‘Rare items such as the incandescent wing of a particular variety of beetle, peacock-feather stems and carefully crafted silver beads are used to give the crown its resplendence.’
  • ‘Indeed, if you were lucky enough to catch him in Glasgow on Friday or Saturday, you'll have witnessed his resplendence for yourself.’
  • ‘Sitting in the mall as my wife meanders through Macy aisles in search of a half-priced handbag, my eyes do not even delight in the resplendence that surrounds them.’
  • ‘And with the sun shining throughout, the true resplendence of Westport was captured and conveyed to the nation.’
  • ‘Her colors are not precisely after nature, except where they might be taken from flowers or tropical plumage, but the paintings give off a resplendence that could only be outdoors.’



/rəˈsplend(ə)ns/ /rəˈsplɛnd(ə)ns/