Definition of response variable in English:

response variable


another term for dependent variable
‘For each array, I weighted the response variable (arcsine square-root transformed) by the total nests placed in that array because the early and late season trials were of unequal duration.’
  • ‘Hence, we examined the effect of brood size on sex ratio using arcsine square-root transformed sex ratio data as the response variable in a general linear model.’
  • ‘The response variable was logarithmically transformed.’
  • ‘In one equation, violent crime was the response variable; in the second equation, the response variable was property crime.’
  • ‘Because in most available publications average group size was either reported or could be calculated, I chose average group size as the response variable.’


response variable

/rəˈspäns/ /rəˈspɑns/ /rēˈspäns ˈverēəbəl/ /riˈspɑns ˈvɛriəbəl/