Definition of responsibly in English:


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  • 1In a sensible or trustworthy manner.

    ‘companies should act responsibly when it comes to virus alerts’
    • ‘remember to drink responsibly’
    • ‘In truth, there is little incentive for consumers to behave responsibly.’
    • ‘The central part of the work is to make people live more responsibly.’
    • ‘They are not mature enough to vote responsibly.’
    • ‘The agency invited him to do more, this time on drinking responsibly.’
    • ‘While they made some attempts to handle their finances responsibly, they knew they needed help.’
    • ‘As long as you continue to pay responsibly, having five credit cards shouldn't negatively affect your credit rating.’
    • ‘Do this only if you trust your wife or husband to behave responsibly!’
    • ‘I would argue that one can responsibly drink alcohol but one cannot responsibly smoke cigarettes.’
    • ‘It's a game that aims to engage the Nintendo generation while teaching it how to responsibly operate all-terrain vehicles.’
    • ‘They are churning out the most graphic images of death and devastation on our roads in an effort to encourage everyone to drive responsibly.’
  • 2In a way that relates to duty or responsibility.

    ‘the mayors are more responsibly concerned with employment than other public officials’
    • ‘People routinely have to trust professionals to do their job responsibly.’
    • ‘How many drawings can one architect responsibly look at?’
    • ‘This is a struggle that people of conscience cannot responsibly step down from.’
    • ‘If governments were expected to responsibly run such a system, all would be lost.’
    • ‘A company should responsibly dispose of the wastes it owns, whether selling it to others for reuse or paying for its disposal.’
    • ‘You need management that can oversee the dollars and cents responsibly while remaining sensitive to the artistic process.’
    • ‘This can help employers avoid litigation and responsibly discharge their obligations to a harassment- and discrimination-free workplace.’
    • ‘Does anyone really believe that Congress will responsibly use such a power?’
    • ‘We look for environments that responsibly inform and entertain.’
    • ‘Good citizens participate responsibly in the debates over public issues upon which democracy depends.’



/rəˈspänsəblē/ /rəˈspɑnsəbli/