Definition of responsiveness in English:


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  • The quality of reacting quickly and positively.

    ‘a bank's responsiveness to customer problems engenders trust’
    • ‘the responsiveness of the vehicle’
    • ‘Adjustments can be made in real time, giving the responsiveness of an analog unit.’
    • ‘She links knowing through hearing to the notion of responsiveness, in that hearing is more personal than seeing.’
    • ‘In the architecture of developing countries, structures grow with an organic responsiveness of form to function.’
    • ‘She approaches oils with a similar responsiveness to the materials, vigorously painting wet into wet with a fully charged brush.’
    • ‘Even its responsiveness to change may be a determining factor in its competitiveness.’
    • ‘In his responsiveness to sensual surfaces, Paul is very much like his mother.’
    • ‘Perfectionism bases a concept of self-fulfilment on our capacities of responsiveness.’
    • ‘The company's responsiveness to user needs has earned it a passionate following.’
    • ‘Respect, responsiveness, results—people here actually believe that stuff.’
    • ‘His responsiveness to nature recalls one of Atwood's beliefs about qualities extant in much Canadian literature.’



/rəˈspänsivnəs/ /rəˈspɑnsɪvnəs/