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rest cure

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  • A period spent in inactivity or leisure with the intention of improving one's physical or mental health.

    ‘Ironically, he is at this same moment standing in the corridor outside Jane's room, with two other medical professionals who have come to encourage Jane to seek a rest cure in the psychiatric hospital.’
    • ‘The manager prescribed a rest cure for his weary Wanderers after admitting they are feeling the strain in the fight for Premiership respectability.’
    • ‘At least for its proponents, the rest cure was not intended to be punitive, but rather preventative.’
    • ‘‘Taking care of oneself was not a rest cure,’ he comments, it is ‘a true social practice… an intensification of social relations’.’
    • ‘When Shaun got his knee ligament injury it seemed that John, through a rest cure for his back problem, was on his way back.’
    • ‘Dennis, who has always been particularly close to him, is concerned about his driver's condition and he believes the rest cure should be enough to get him back to winning form.’
    • ‘The Run was first built in 1885 by convalescent Englishmen whose physicians had sent them to this pristine corner of Switzerland as a rest cure.’
    • ‘From being the darling of Wimbledon in 2002, reaching the third round, she had to spend the back end of 2003 seeing if the rest cure would work.’
    • ‘I just took that decision, when I really needed a rest cure.’
    • ‘Unlike nervous breakdown, neurasthenia generated hosts of suggested, professionally-sponsored remedies, including rest cures under the guidance of doctors and the burgeoning group of mental health professionals.’
    • ‘In fact, a woman's natural state was considered innately flawed and rest cures were advised.’
    • ‘The two struck up a relationship that deepened on his subsequent rest cures.’
    • ‘In civilian practice when faced with patients with neurosis and hysteria he developed his "rest cure".’
    • ‘I'm having a rest-cure and I can't see anybody.’
    • ‘This excerpt from Dr. Mitchell's book describes his view of the rest cure as a treatment for women's nervous conditions.’


rest cure

/rest ˈkyo͝or/ /rɛst ˈkjʊr/