Definition of rest one's case in English:

rest one's case


  • 1Conclude one's presentation of evidence and arguments in a lawsuit.

    ‘the prosecution rested its case’
    • ‘He called no further evidence and rested his case.’
    • ‘Lawyers argued over procedural matters about admitting evidence and then prosecutors rested their case.’
    • ‘I don't think they'll make that decision until the prosecution has rested their case.’
    • ‘Once the prosecutor rests his case, however, his lawyer makes a bold statement.’
    • ‘The defense attorney rested his case today without calling any more witnesses.’
    • ‘Defense attorneys in the murder trial rested their case today after hearing testimony from a forensics expert.’
    • ‘Latest news suggests that his defence lawyers are ready to rest their case today, without having brought the singer to the witness stand, sparing him the process of being questioned about his private life in court.’
    • ‘He rests his case, and the judge calls a recess until the following morning.’
    • ‘Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.’
    • ‘Both the prosecution and the defence have rested their cases in the child abuse trial.’
    1. 1.1humorous Said to show that one believes one has presented sufficient evidence for one's views.
      • ‘And they cannot fail to call into question the motives on which the opponents of hunting claim to rest their case.’
      • ‘The only other thing I can add… this is wonderful timeless music that really needs no introduction, its Ray Charles, and I rest my case.’
      • ‘I will stick my thumbs in my waistcoat and quote the well-known phrase: ‘I rest my case, m'lud John!’’
      • ‘I rest my case, ladies and gentlemen, and leave the discovery of further evidence as an exercise for the reader.’
      • ‘After having read this article from the BBC News website today, I rest my case.’