Definition of rest stop in English:

rest stop

(also rest area)


North American
  • A roadside area with restrooms and other facilities for the use of motorists; a lay-by.

    • ‘He glanced at a sign and realized that he was approaching a rest area.’
    • ‘It is well worth pausing at the rest area as you approach Lake Tekapo to enjoy the view and take photographs.’
    • ‘These were posts with government offices, lounges, restaurants, snack booths and all the facilities that you would find in a rest area along today's modern highways.’
    • ‘He smiled to himself as the car pulled out of the rest area, back onto the highway.’
    • ‘As the two men slept in a rest area at the side of a motorway, a witness recognised their vehicle from police warnings on television.’
    • ‘I am sitting parked in the rest area along Interstate 90 in Minnesota.’
    • ‘He simply appeared one evening at the rest area on Interstate 91 in Lyndonville.’
    • ‘We left the rest area and went along the interstate to the next exit, where we got off and drove on home.’
    • ‘I can't imagine driving alone on the interstate and needing to stop at a rest area and having to use a mixed-sex bathroom!’
    • ‘This is a designated rest area for Truck Drivers Only, Strictly no camping.’
    • ‘He remembered seeing him at the rest area that night.’
    • ‘We drove into a rest area and he put the car in park.’
    • ‘Two questions come to mind as I get out of the car at the rest area: how can anyone live with this humidity, and what is that unearthly shrill whine?’
    • ‘Margaret was silent for a time, trying to get it straight in her mind, and then she related the events that happened at the rest area before he got there.’
    • ‘She jumped into her car, started the engine, revved it loudly, and then spun out of the parking space and left the rest area at a high rate of speed.’
    • ‘We pulled into a rest area to make phone calls and stretch our legs.’
    • ‘They were in the next city 27 kilometres away, parked in a small rest area.’
    • ‘Tess took a deep breath and turned down the radio, as she came upon an exit that promised a rest area.’
    • ‘Shortly after they set off, Rhodes pulled into a rest area to sleep.’
    • ‘In Ireland, our motorway network is expanding rapidly, yet we have yet to build one motorway filling station or rest area.’