Definition of resto in English:



North American informal
  • A restaurant.

    • ‘Inside, you'll find nearly 100 listings of Montreal restos where you can eat for under $10.’
    • ‘The next year, Seattle's Space Needle was crowned with a rotating resto, just in time for the World's Fair.’
    • ‘He called it a Japanese cafeteria, which places the eatery in a different category from the other Japanese restos in town.’
    • ‘It's definitely worth going by to check out this resto's breakfast, which they only serve on Saturday mornings.’
    • ‘Do as you would do in a resto in Mexico - choose your timing and your order with care.’
    • ‘St-Henri is not the first place I'd look for a good Korean resto on a winter night.’
    • ‘For those in the know, there are many truly authentic dishes to sample at this unassuming little resto, listed on a separate page only in Japanese.’
    • ‘Almost three years old, this Little Italy resto (named for the town in Tuscany, not the Suzanne Vega tune) offers hearty food at heart-stopping prices.’
    • ‘Tasty and tasteful best describes food and atmosphere at this joint, arguably one of the best Mexican restos in town.’
    • ‘The bar/resto, however, claimed to be "open to the public" - what I didn't realize was that meant the public with tickets.’
    • ‘The building has been reinvented as a 22-screen cinema, one that will also include shops and restos.’
    • ‘But hey, start your evening at Felix, take the Star ferry crossing to the island and head for dinner at the many restos in Lan Kwai Fung.’
    • ‘This time I tried Tutto Bene, a cafeteria-style sit-down resto right next to Open Da Night.’
    • ‘As such, rarely do they move me to try a resto advertised therein.’
    • ‘The flagship resto is Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill.’
    • ‘The resto offers hot and cold appetizers ranging from $4.95 - $11.95.’
    • ‘The concept may make some cringe, but the practical results have struck a nerve, which is why you hear their stuff spilling out of chic restos and boutiques across town.’
    • ‘One could say that it was not as good as in a strictly Italian resto, but still it was very good.’
    • ‘If ever there was a resto that needed to expand, it's this one.’
    • ‘The resto embodies all that was once meant by dining room: stucco walls, napkins arranged in peaks and two layers of tablecloths.’


1980s abbreviation.