Definition of restraining order in English:

restraining order


  • A temporary court order issued to prohibit an individual from carrying out a particular action, especially approaching or contacting a specified person.

    • ‘Until the farmers and the cowboys can be friends, this court issues restraining orders against the two parties.’
    • ‘You had to have a good amount of proof that one's needed before the police will issue a restraining order, first of all.’
    • ‘And in a later age his violence and lawlessness would have earned him a prison sentence - or at the very least a string of restraining orders and court injunctions.’
    • ‘And if I ever find out you're trying to contact me, I'll get a restraining order.’
    • ‘Besides, he was separated from Alice and she had a restraining order against him, so he wasn't suppose to come anywhere near her.’
    • ‘You'd have to file a restraining order to make us leave, and in order for that you'd have to explain why.’
    prohibition, ban, bar, veto, proscription, interdiction, embargo, moratorium, injunction, restraining order


restraining order

/rɪˈstreɪnɪŋ ɔːdə/