Definition of retardataire in English:



  • (of a work of art or architecture) executed in an earlier or outdated style.

    ‘a mature painter, he is frozen somewhere in the mainstream of the past, his work a quixotic attempt to make a virtue of being retardataire’
    • ‘So my perception of ‘contemporary’ work was retardataire, and this was not helped at all by my college art education, which emphasized Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting.’
    • ‘The design by Friedrich St. Florian is conventional, even retardataire, the sort of historicism that would have raised the ire of the living memorial movement during World War II.’
    • ‘Prior dismissals of Brooks as being stylistically retardataire no longer signify in an era that reveres artists such as Kurt Kauper, Elizabeth Peyton, Amy Adler and John Currin.’
    • ‘Conversely, it is entirely legitimate and valuable to compare Impressionist paintings with other types of paintings also created in the fine-art context, even though today we may tend to dismiss the latter as academic or retardataire.’
    • ‘An unusual signed vestige of Walker's cabinetmaking, dated 1828, is the retardataire sideboard in Figure 10.’