Definition of rethink in English:


Pronunciation /rēˈTHiNGk/ /riˈθɪŋk/ /ˈrēˌTHiNGk/ /ˈriˌθɪŋk/

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transitive verbrethought

[with object]
  • Think again about (something such as a policy or course of action), especially in order to make changes to it.

    ‘the government was forced to rethink its plans’
    • ‘I've had to rethink’
    • ‘She once again walked to the L-train station and rethought her plan about using the train instead of a car.’
    • ‘I'm rethinking my lifestyle because of the sad economical situation we are facing.’
    • ‘When Rob and Louise are suddenly both laid off, their wedding plans are put on hold as they find themselves rethinking their entire lives.’
    • ‘Roadway has rethought the way its business has traditionally worked, says Peter F. Swan, a business logistics professor at Pennsylvania State University.’
    • ‘Once you've rethought a few of these financial facts, you may realize that there are other things - besides money - that bring happiness.’
    • ‘Environmental historians have rethought the recovery narrative of conservation and challenged the assumptions of the wilderness ethic.’
    • ‘Most mornings I had a can of coke with whatever I happened to be eating but considering it was a weekend and my mother was not yet out of the house, I rethought that routine.’
    • ‘While there are certainly laws that still need to be changed - some dramatically - the strategy for change may need to be rethought.’
    • ‘Many shop layouts and checkouts had to be rethought since plastic bags have to be reclassified as a product for sale and staff had to be trained to pack items more economically and safely.’
    • ‘To achieve solidity in the labs and transparency in the public areas, individual office organization had to be rethought as well.’
    • ‘She rethought the question, realizing that she didn't know the answer.’
    • ‘An architect must completely rethink his ideas after making contact with the residents and with reality.’
    • ‘From a financial standpoint, cooperatives may need to rethink how benefits are paid.’
    • ‘Gerrard has apparently rethought a plan to buy a house in the London area.’
    • ‘Each year I learn new ideas and teaching approaches that encourage me to either rethink or reaffirm what I already do.’
    • ‘In this way we can remember, rethink, reassess, and importantly, celebrate its long history.’
    • ‘He returns home to France to rethink who is he and to see if he has the strength to return to space.’
    • ‘The Catherine Films underscores the need to reconceptualize Canadian national cinema and rethink Canadian film history.’
    • ‘Students have to acknowledge what they don't know, take risks, and rethink what they thought they knew.’
    • ‘Don't you understand that when I had my accident it made me rethink what was important to me?’
    rethink, review, revise, re-examine, re-evaluate, reassess, reappraise, think better of, think over, take another look at, relook at, look at in a different light, have another think about


in singular
  • A reassessment, especially one that results in changes being made.

    ‘a last-minute rethink of their tactics’
    • ‘I think a rethink of the whole franchise is in order.’
    • ‘Indeed, there is even speculation that unless this current muddle can be resolved, the regulator may even be forced to call time on the price rises and order a rethink on the whole matter.’
    • ‘But the traditional licensing arrangement is undergoing a major rethink.’
    • ‘Introducing design into a garden needn't mean a complete rethink.’
    • ‘There is now serious talk of a rethink of all core products, even removing the salt from the company's trademark skinny fries.’
    • ‘The affair has provoked calls from teachers' unions for a rethink of the tests and the importance they are given in selecting teachers.’
    • ‘But if we're wrong, we'll have a rethink over where we place the articles.’
    • ‘Perhaps they should have asked for another rewrite, or maybe even an entire rethink.’
    • ‘The survival of museums depends on a complete rethink of our exhibits and approaches to marketing them.’
    • ‘An urgent rethink is needed before a fatal blow is delivered to the credibility of electronic voting.’
    • ‘The restoration came just in time, as the sea trout crisis forced a serious rethink for the business.’
    • ‘There needs to be a total rethink as to how historical collections are used to inspire wider understanding of history.’
    • ‘Here, Jim explains why the online music business needs a radical rethink.’
    • ‘New products may require a fundamental rethink of development resources and field staff skills.’
    • ‘Akin to the extension is a complete rethink of the layout of the rooms within the house.’
    • ‘Lara Atkin argues that our perception of the period needs a radical rethink.’
    • ‘The health department needs a radical rethink on both acute and elective surgery provision.’
    • ‘Councillors could decide the scheme is inappropriate and force delays by demanding a complete rethink.’
    • ‘Protesters urging a council re-think on proposed service cuts today increased their pressure.’
    • ‘In fact, the timing couldn't be better for a thorough rethink.’
    reconsideration, review, re-examination, reassessment, re-evaluation, reappraisal, rethinking, rethink, thinking over