Definition of reticulocyte in English:



  • An immature red blood cell without a nucleus, having a granular or reticulated appearance when suitably stained.

    ‘Affected infants have suppression of erythropoiesis with extremely low reticulocytes despite a low packed cell volume and normal erythropoietin values.’
    • ‘Finally, in their discussion of serum testing, the authors report that hemolysis ‘is indicated by the presence of fractured red blood cells and increased reticulocytes on the smear.’’
    • ‘The final stage of erythrocyte production is when reticulocytes develop into erythrocytes.’
    • ‘The assumption is that viral particles and infected cells are now being cleared from the system thus allowing bone marrow regeneration of reticulocytes and maintenance of the peripheral blood red cell count.’
    • ‘An equivalent number of reticulocytes are released daily from the bone marrow.’



/rəˈtikyələˌsīt/ /rəˈtɪkjələˌsaɪt/


1920s from reticulated+ -cyte.