Definition of retie in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb reties, transitive verb retying, transitive verb retied

[with object]
  • Tie (something) again.

    ‘Gabriel burst into laughter as he hopped out of the pool, retying the wet towel around his waist and running a hand through his hair.’
    • ‘If I tied a knot incorrectly, he'd say, ‘No,’ and retie it.’
    • ‘A short time later, we were riding the elevator up to the top floor, high above downtown Pittsburgh, as Esther nervously retied her neck scarf and checked her makeup.’
    • ‘She added this last letter to the others and retied the bow.’
    • ‘Dave was retying his tie and teaching Terry how to use the various technological marvels that were installed in the office.’
    • ‘With shaking hands, I retied the green ribbon and picked up the next scroll.’
    • ‘He retied his waterskin and stuck it back into the folds of his cloak.’
    • ‘She had also dried her hair and retied it in a neat braid.’
    • ‘Tenderly, Kirby untied the lace from around the rose and retied it around the top of her braid.’
    • ‘Securing the horse up outside the nearest saloon, he strolled slowly and quietly down the streets until he reached his destination, untying the bandanna and retying it around his neck.’
    • ‘Therese curtsied, oblivious to Hannah's searching gaze, and hurried to the kitchen, hastily retying her apron, and adjusting her hair.’
    • ‘Taylor retied her hair into its ponytail distractedly as she watched Kyle, Simone and Craig stroll into the gym, Craig being the only one not dressed for a game.’
    • ‘She mumbled a muffled thanks through the mouthful of grips and positioned herself in front of the reflective piece of glass, carefully retying her hair then sliding each clip back into its rightful place.’
    • ‘She must have realised that her robe was showing off a little more than she wanted it to as she shifted to retie the belt.’
    • ‘She finished braiding my hair, retied the ties at the bottom, tied the sash on the back of my dress, handed me my shoes and then went to leave.’
    • ‘I leaned my bike against my hips and retied my floppy bun, observing the layout of the street as I did so.’
    • ‘Together we retied our packs so everything was as high as we could make it.’
    • ‘And if, as those men - Robert Wagner (her husband), Christopher Walken and the captain - claimed, she had been disturbed by a banging dinghy, why would Natalie and not the captain go out on a stormy night to retie it?’
    • ‘Hudao's turban was untied by two women, then they helped him to retie this long turban and fasten a leather strip to it, dotted with more than 100 shell coins.’
    • ‘I've seen playgrounds sporting old, abused equipment: swings with ropes that have multiple knots in them from retying the breaks, and splintered wooden seats.’



/rēˈtī/ /riˈtaɪ/