Definition of retinoblastoma in English:



  • A rare malignant tumor of the retina, affecting young children.

    ‘The major controversy, however, is the actual magnitude of the risk of second tumors among survivors of retinoblastoma.’
    • ‘The most urgent diagnosis is retinoblastoma, a malignancy most likely arising from retinal germ cells.’
    • ‘Village farmer brings grandson Paarsha to the town doctor only to learn that the child is a one-in-a-million victim of the rare retinoblastoma.’
    • ‘In this example, susceptibility to retinoblastoma is inherited as a dominant trait; however, the expression of the tumor within the eye, which requires the presence of two abnormal genes, is technically recessive.’
    • ‘In 1986, he scored a spectacular success when he isolated the gene associated with retinoblastoma, a fierce form of eye cancer.’



/ˌretənōˌblaˈstōmə/ /ˌrɛtənoʊˌblæˈstoʊmə/