Definition of retinoid in English:



  • Any of a group of compounds having effects in the body like those of vitamin A.

    ‘Although the preclinical data have been promising, human studies using vitamin A or retinoids as chemopreventive agents have been largely disappointing.’
    • ‘Several studies have demonstrated low-dose retinoids in combination with calcium glucarate interact synergistically to inhibit mammary tumor growth in both animal models and human cell lines.’
    • ‘Although the liver is the primary organ involved in storage and homeostasis of retinoids, adipose depots account for 15 to 20% of total body retinoid stores.’
    • ‘Interest in retinoic acid as a chemopreventive agent stems from laboratory research that indicates retinoids are potent modulators of epithelial cell growth and differentiation.’
    • ‘Because some patients with atopic dermatitis or severe xerosis are very sensitive to the retinoids, we may start them with a lower strength cream or a weaker topical agent.’



/ˈretnˌoid/ /ˈrɛtnˌɔɪd/