Definition of retinol in English:


Pronunciation /ˈretnäl/ /ˈrɛtnɑl/ /ˈretnôl/ /ˈrɛtnɔl/


  • A yellow compound found in green and yellow vegetables, egg yolk, and fish-liver oil. It is essential for growth and for vision in dim light.

    Also called vitamin A

    A carotenoid alcohol; chemical formula: C₂₀H₂₉OH

    ‘Opt for products that contain skin-lightening ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and licorice.’
    • ‘Retinoic acid is derived mainly by local synthesis through the enzymatic oxidation of retinol.’
    • ‘Most skin types can benefit from retinol, a derivative of vitamin A.’
    • ‘Multivitamins and breakfast cereals were two of the largest sources of retinol, though many brands get some of their vitamin A from beta-carotene.’
    • ‘Retinol can help skin cells turn over faster so you won't have a lackluster complexion in the A.M.’


1960s from retina+ -ol.