Definition of retsina in English:


Pronunciation /ˌretˈsēnə/ /ˌrɛtˈsinə/ /ˈretsənə/ /ˈrɛtsənə/


  • A Greek white or rosé wine flavored with resin.

    • ‘A popular Greek wine, retsina, is produced only in Greece and is imported to the United States.’
    • ‘Small cups of freshly made Turkish-style coffee are the national drink, as are ouzo - the aniseed-flavoured alcoholic drink - and retsina, the resinated wine, which are kept mostly for the evening and always accompanied by food.’
    • ‘Another popular beverage, retsina, is a white wine.’
    • ‘Our days in Corfu were spent in swimming and sunbathing and the evenings in the nearby taverna, eating and drinking vast quantities of retsina.’
    • ‘Tucked into a small bay and backed by steep hills, it is as tranquil as it is picturesque; even the food seems finer and the retsina crisper.’


Modern Greek.



/ˌretˈsēnə/ /ˌrɛtˈsinə/ /ˈretsənə/ /ˈrɛtsənə/